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How Aquashine BR changed my life forever

Being in complex inferiority is one of the worst psychological disorder, anyone can ever have. We were seven siblings out of which I was the only one in the family with dark complexion, whereas every other family member had a real bright complexion. My parents never made me feel lesser than any other kid in the house. My father used to call me the Queen of the family. But family’s support really does not matter to kids when outsiders tease me using loud and harsh names such as dark faced witch etc. When I grew up, this dark complexion was the only thing I really hated and sometimes I used to get into serious stress and anxiety.

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Dermaheal HSR; A Solution to Revitalize Your Skin

My mother when reached 45, she already started looking like she is 60 year old. And she was going through a big trauma. She was panicking so much that she started avoiding social gatherings and going out because she thought she was not good anymore. Me and my father both told her that she was perfect but she did not get satisfy at all.

I decided to look for a solution. I asked many people and most of them suggested I should take her for facial surgery but I was not really in support of that because Laser treatments can lead to cancer in future. So, I dropped the plan of getting her a facial surgery. I kept on searching for a solution then I found Dermaheal hsr serum.

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